Switzerlands Premium Offshore Tor Hosting

 We host your website on the Tor network

SwissTorHosting.com offers high quality Tor hosting services at affordable prices. Our staff is highly experienced in virtualized systems and know how to deliver the best possible privacy for a anonymous Tor hosting service.

Take advantage of a wide expertise and unbeatable prices. 

We host everything on Switzerland, the Country with the best data protection in the world.

100% Anonymity and Data confidentiality Guaranteed!

Easy to use

We only need one email address to send your account data, payment details and so you can request support from us from a single email address.

you can create a free email-account on tutanota.com or protonmail.com
they provide 100% anonymity

Anonymous Payment

Make secure payments using Bitcoin or other crypto-currencys, simply and quickly.

Instant delivery

We only need one email address to send you the login datas.

-instant delivery
-No documents requested
-No personal information needed

Web Design & Development

You need a website, a own webstore or even a complete Marketplace hosted on the Tor network ?

we will create it for you

Contact us under swisstorhosting@tutanota.com


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